Thanks to Payowallet I know there are top customers who have been returning to me repeatedly. Before I did not have a chance to analyze any statistics, today I have a tool for that and it also allows me to directly thank and even surprise my customers with a special reward that no one else will get.

Ivan Malinka - co-founder

Moods Bakery and Coffee - a coffeeshop with all day breakfast

The Payowallet app ensures that my clients are returning back. And that is what we need.

Oto Kóňa - founder

NYC Corner

One of the major reasons why we use Payowallet is the zero waste concept. We reward our customers without creating any waste. We use only mobile technology, which also offers us the opportunity to address customers directly.

Dada Zvalová - founder

U Dobrožrúta - first zero waste shop in Bratislava

Payowallet helps us motivate our customers to visit us repeatedly, rewarding them in a way that does not slow us down at busy lunchtime.

Š. Zelenay - founder

Yummy – busy canteen in a Business centre

Excellent tool that allows me to reward my loyal customers in a way they enjoy. And I have the opportunity to communicate with them directly. Students are the ones, who enjoy rewarding through the app the most.

Martin Vavrík - founder

Habesh coffee - nice coffeeshop near student dormitories

Existing loyal customers return 5 times more often

and spend on average 61% more than new customers. Turning your existing customers to happy, loyal customer is 5 to 6 times less expensive than acquiring new customers.

Advanced modern marketing platforms help you to:

udrzat zakaznika

Retain your customers

narast trzieb

Increase revenues


Personalize your communication

Perfect for any segment

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Re-engage with your customers in a modern way

Innovative marketing platform in a mobile app which motivates to repeat customer visits and helps you sell more.

Attractive programmes and rewards help retain your customers.
Points or stamp programme - have it set up in minutes.

Based on customer purchase behaviour analysis you can deliver personalized and targeted messages and campaigns that drives more customers through your door.

Your customers can buy and pay for their favourite products even before coming to your store - isn't it great?!

Reports and statistics - knowing your data helps you stay ahead the competition.


$19 /mo
billed monthly
Stampcard loyalty programme
$39 /mo
billed monthly
Everything In BASIC, Including:
Stampcard or points programme
Digital discount coupons&campaigns
In-app purchases
2 types of push notifications (all your customers, selected segment of your users)
7% commission fee from in-app purchases
69 /mo
billed monthly
Everything In STANDARD, Including:
Marketing insights based on basket level data analysis
Integration with e-POS needed


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