Payowallet – all your rewards in one place

Earn Stamps

One app that keeps all your rewards together. Collect (points/rewards) in all your favorite stores.

Reward yourself

Find all the attractive rewards which you are eligible for on your mobile.

Save money

The selection of sales and special offers is custom-tailored to your unique life-style.

Pay with mobile

Purchase attractive product offers conveniently from your sofa directly in the app and save money.

Collect rewards on your mobile

Show your unique QR code at the cashier and stamps will appear automatically. Nothing else to worry about.

  • Show your unique QR code at the cashier and stamps will appear automatically
  • Single multimerchant app is all it takes
  • Your rewards delight you
  • It replaces your paper and plastic (loyalty) cards and much more
Download Android or iOS
  • Collect rewards on your mobile
  • Reward yourself

    You will benefit from all your rewards, offers and benefits. All you will need is your mobile phone with unique QR code of the app, which you present during payment. You no longer need to worry about having to carry the right reward card with you. With this app, all of your reward cards are with you at all time (in your mobile) and you receive even more for your purchases.

    • A punch card will show up automatically with a reward
    • All your not redeemed rewards will be stored in menu “Wallet” until expiration date
    • You decide when you redeem your rewards
    • Show your QR code at the cashier and enjoy your rewards
    Download Android or iOS
  • Reward yourself
  • Discount digital coupons

    Why should you have to cut out paper discount coupons when you can have them in your mobile? Select a discount which you like. Save it to Wallet in the Payowallet app. Next time you’re at the store just show the discount coupon that you want to use. Organizing your discount coupons has never been easier!

    • Choose from the latest offering of discount coupons
    • Save the selected discount coupon into your “Wallet”
    • Present the coupon at the cashier and receive a discount
    • Merchant scans the discount coupon
    Download Android or iOS
  • Discount digital coupons
  • Purchase in-app and save money

    Choose directly from exclusive offers in the Payowallet application and pay with your debit/credit card. After payment is succesfull, you will receive a QR code, which you will show at the cashier when you get your favorite cappuccino. No need to carry your wallet. You just need your mobile.

    • Choose from the ‘bulk purchase with reward’ coupon selection
    • Pay for the selected product directly in the app with your debit card
    • Show the QR code at the cashier and enjoy your cappuccino
    • You can leave your wallet at home
    Download Android or iOS
  • Purchase in-app and save money
    • Partners: Sell more with Payowallet

      Attract new clients and keep your existing ones. Loyal clients shop 90% more frequently, their transaction value is 60% higher and they are 5 times more likely to return.


      Engage with customer in effective way and attract new ones.


      Engage with customer in effective way and attract new ones.


      Surprise and delight your customers with rewards they can recommend to others.


      Gain useful insights about your customers and make them return back for more.

      The Payowallet app ensures that my clients are returning back. That is what we need.

      Oto Kóňa

      NYC Corner

      Meet the team

      A group of colleagues who are passionate about everything that makes the everyday life easier. Focusing mainly on creating loyalty and relationship with clients, mobile payments, and digital innovations.

      Klaudia Drabiková

      Has worked in financial services, and her focus has always been to find ways that make clients’ lives easier. So they enjoy returning back.

      Gabriel Ceglédi
      Product Manager

      A visionary, at home in payments systems, but fancies loyalty the most. Now he gets to create it with a mobile.

      Richard Bányi
      Chief Everything Officer

      A multitasking guru who covers anything from graphic design to software development.

      Norbert Danišik
      Front-end developer

      Our apps are so chic also thanks to him. No detail can escape him. We threw him into water and instantly he joined the big league.

      Juraj Bezručka
      Back-end developer

      The work with BE systems could not be in better hands.

      Peter Gabriž

      Professional experiences in Fintech, an entrepreneur and investor.


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